TECNICAD is a mission critical construction specialist based in southern California with over 30 years of experience in commercial construction. But why choose Tecnicad?

  • EXPERIENCE. Our team leverages our experience  to anticipate costs not shown in the blue prints and RFPs, allowing you to know up front exactly what your project will cost. Simply put, we do not play the change order game.
  • COMMUNICATION. Our critical path schedules and detailed cost breakdowns combined with frequent and comprehensive updates allow you to clearly see how Tecnicad will deliver on a successful project.
  • COST. Our internal cost controls keep our company lean and our overhead down, allowing you to realize real savings in your project without sacrificing quality or time.
  • FAST TRACK. Construction slack time is the enemy of an efficient project. We track down and eliminate slack time wherever and whenever possible. This allows us to complete the project as quickly and efficiently as possible. These projected time and money savings are reflected in our proposal.
  • TECHNOLOGY. Technology is what you make of it. Here at Tecnicad we are passionate about staying up to date with the latest advances in construction and construction management. This allows us to see and utilize these advancements to deliver cost savings, superior construction, or improved management.
  • REPEAT CLIENTS. Perhaps the most telling fact we can offer. Nearly every single one of Tecnicad’s clients becomes a repeat client. This is why we bend over backwards to ensure that your project is delivered at cost and on time. Nothing would please us more than to be considered for your next project.

We don’t just build. We build better.